M-YU-RAL is a wordplay of mural and Yu-Ting. 

Mystery of Hope
Size: 9 x 2 meters

A mural commission for the Turkish restaurant Sultan Sofrasi Greenwich, in collaboration with the paint company Farrow & Ball. I created the mural solely over 10 days, working primarily during the evening and nighttime to complete it. The surreal mural has been receiving rave reviews from diners and visitors alike. Author and art critic Anthony Fawcett came to view the mural, saying, “I was transported back to my time in Istanbul; it gave me a strong feeling of it.” I adopted the Riso print technique and applied color layers in sequence to the mural.

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Translucent Mumbai
Size: 10.5 x 6.5 meters space (nine walls)

An Immersive Mural Experience at Mumbaikar Vadapav” is a commission for the new Mumbai street food restaurant in Kenton, London. The mural aims to visually explore the vibrant city of Mumbai. The word “translucent” implies transparency, offering glimpses into the city’s layers and complexities. Created within five days, this mural celebrates the city’s culture, heritage, and people, creating a dynamic ambiance for guests.

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Constellations Perfume
Size: ceiling 4.5 x 5 m / chimney breast 2 x 2.5 m

Kitchen mural for a private residence in Leeds, UK, aimed at transforming the ceiling and chimney breast into a vivid and immersive space. It captures the essence of strolling through a mystical forest, where every glance reveals new wonders—lush foliage, blossoming flowers, whimsical mushrooms, and constellations peeking through the interstices of the leaves in the sky. This creates an transformative experience for all who enter, inviting them into a world of enchantment and wonder.

Size: 3.7 x 2.2 meters

A commission from a lovely family in Leicester. The mural is a surprise for their disabled daughter in her bedroom, her sanctuary. I hope to invite her to uncover the traces within the garden scenery and walk her path in the garden. This concept is born from the evolving garden at my home, tended by my partner Philippe. The rustling and serene quietness of the garden seem to be constantly talking and chirping to the comers, a presence we might only notice in the absence of noise.

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