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Born in Taichung, Taiwan, Chung Yu-Ting’s works span multimedia artworks and films, writing and painting. She explores the multi-dimensional realm of imaging and cultural boundaries, drawing inspiration from Buddhist notions, particularly the concept of emptiness, in seeking a transformation in this era. She questions the boundless possibilities inherent in the contemporary sense of emptiness. With a background in Fine Art and an MA in Digital Direction at the Royal College of Art, she has extended her presence in dynamic creative environments across London, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

2020  Royal College of Art, Digital Direction MA  
2016  Taipei University of the Arts, Fine Arts MA, Multimedia Pathway  
2013  Taipei University of the Arts, Fine Arts BA

Exhibitions/Screening (selected)  
2024  Welcome to the UK, Ugly Duck, London
2023  LOOKING OUT: LOOKING IN, Studio Voltaire, London
2023  Pidgin, Royal College of Art Battersea campus, London 
2023  Inspirational Women Artists, ‘a space arts’ Gallery, Southampton
2022  Collisions, ASC Gallery, London
2022  GALVANISE, Spitalfields Studio, London (Screening)
2021  Toward the New Spirituality, Lumen Gallery, London
2019  Burning Crowds Project, Royal College of Art, London
2018  The Great Dystopia, Royal Academy of Art, London (RA Student
2017  Strange Valley, Good Underground Art Space, Hualien  (Screening)
2016  Strange Valley, Daan Forest Park Outdoor Screening, Taipei  

Selected Commissions
2024  Residential mural, Constellations Perfume, Private commission, Leeds 
2023  Art project, Buddhi from the Duplication (No Illusion in the Wind),
           Curating Contemporary Art 
MA at the Royal College of Art, 
            London (June.2023)
2023  Antique jewelry portraits, Milly’s Marvels Antique & Collectibles,
           Milly’s Marvels Ltd., London 
2023  Large scale mural, Translucent Mumbai, Mumbaikar Vadapav
           restaurant, London (June.2023) 

2023  Large scale mural, Mystery of Hope, Sultan Sofrasi Greenwich
           restaurant, Sultan Sofrasi Ltd., 
London (April.2023) 
2018  Artists’ film, L’écriture à venir: Encounters between Contemporary
           Writing and Criticism
Fine Art Department at Taipei National
           University of the Arts, Taipei
2018  Promotional film, Tianguang (Hakka musical drama), Theatre
           Arts Department at Taipei 
National University of the Arts, Taipei
           – director & interviewer
2018  Official promotional film, Look after and be with you forever,
           Taipei National University of 
the Arts, Taipei – director 
2017  Promotional film, Cursive ( a reenactment of the classic
           performance of Cloud Gate Dance 
Theatre), Dance Department
           at Taipei National University of the Arts, Taipei – director 
2017  Creative Documentary, President Inauguration Ceremony, Taipei National University of the Arts, Taipei – director

Awards and grants (selected)  
2020  Mask, international cooperation feature film project – writer & producer Golden Horse Film Project Promotion – Finalist
2018  The Metamorphosis of Zhongshan Hall, Taipei Film Festival VR Hackathon – Best Teamwork Award 
2016   Strange Valley, short Film – director & writer Granted the Domestic Short Film Fund New Taipei City Star Award, shortlisted

Workshops, Presentations 
2023  Workshop: QRL lexicon x Pidgin Language Battle (co-host), Studio Voltaire, 1st Nov
2023  Workshop: Multilanguage Calligraphy Battle (Lead and design), Curating Contemporary Art MA at Royal College of Art, London, June 21st
2019  Visiting Artist Presentation, Hybrid Body Lab, Cornell College of Human Ecology, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, August 14th
2017  Visiting Artist Workshop:, Good Underground Art Space, Hualien, October 28-29th

Curatorial Projects
2023   Lead curated and participated in Hua De Hua Hua, a group show with 12 artists,
            Deptford X 
Visual Arts Festival, Deptford, 23-24 September
2022   Co-organized and participated in Collisions, a group show with 10 artists, ASC gallery,
2-4 December

Filmmaking & Design 
2023  Speculative design project, Skill Capital LLP, London
2023  The Praxis Society, a documentary project directed by Tony Kaye – production designer
2020  Mask, a feature film project directed by Tony Kaye – writer & producer
2020  Josie Ho & The Hong Kong Sound, a musical film directed by Tony Kaye – concept visualizer
2016  Duo Skin, MIT Media Lab PhD project prototype film
2015  The Arc of Life, the TV series screenwriting group member (2021 Golden Bell Awards
Supporting Actress in a Drama Program Award)

Artist’s Book/Published Writing
2023   Pagemasters Winter  Zine fair, South London Gallery, London (8-9 Dec)
2023   MISS READ: The Berlin Art Book Festival, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, (22-24 Sep)
2023   BF Day23 Festival, Burley Fisher Books, London (21-23 Sep)
2023   Pagemasters Summer  Zine fair, South London Gallery, London (2-3 Sep)
2023   ESEA Sisters Sustainable Makers Market, Camden Chinese Community Centre, London
            (13th Aug)
2023   Small Press Fest, The Mosaic Rooms, London (22-23th Jul)
2023   LOOKING OUT: LOOKING IN, Studio Voltaire, London (25 Jun)
2023   Glasgow Zine Festival, Centre of Contemporary Arts Glasgow, Glasgow (8-9  Jul)
2023   Pushkin Zine Fair, Pushkin House, London (10th Jun)
2022   Bradford Zine Fair, Bradford City Library, Yorkshire (1st Oct)

Publications and Press
2023   Camilla Worster, “Milly’s Marvels Collaboration with Artist Yu-Ting Chung”, Milly’s Marvels Antique & Collectibles, 27th July
2023   Emily Candela and Eric de Visscher,  “The Sounding Object’: Sound Design in the Critical Reimagining of Museum Object Narratives”, Design Issues, MIT Press, Volume 39, Issue 2, Spring 2023,

2018    Yun Hung, Lin, “Not Sufficient as Merely an Occupation, Challenging to Become a Vocation: Weberian Reflections on the Current State of Literary Criticism in Taiwan”, July 2018.
2021    Comic Communication Studio, “The Full Production Record: The Arc of Life”,  P.185
2020    Andrew Trendell, “ Josie Ho’s band The Uni Boys are working on a film with Tony Kaye and some “new wave” music”, New Musical Express, 17th December 2021.


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